Sunday, November 19, 2006

sunday afternoon

National Novel Writing Month - Forums - England :: Birmingham - Third write-in (Sunday, 19/11/06 from noon onwards at Starbucks on New Street):

6:48 and I am just got out of bed and switched on my MacBook Pro before anything else
I am not photographing the dawn again
(see oops just seen the typos )

I was undecided whether to come or not today Sunday
I have been distinctly underwhelmed by Stephen's negativity
and by the silly woman who want to hide their faces -
vanity or fear ??

any way I will probably not do another blog about the show
but in the second interval anyone who would like some publicity, please make yourself known and I will do a mini interview or two

if you want to be a successsful writer you have to do several things including:-

produce work of marketable quality
in quantity enough to make a living
sell it
get known

my blogs get 150 to 200 page views daily and google picks up some of my stuff within hours

one day they got 1500 hits but i have not fathomed out why.
I know I have readers in UK USA Denmark Australia ay least

back to the photo and other blogs
I like to help people
'make your self useful' is a motto I learned from a millionaire I used to work for.

I regularly use the formula "from my email"
and some of my correspondants really like to appear anonymously on the web

TIP so if you also use for self publishing
(I decided to use blogger as my publisher in 2003)
you will find by editing the dates you can control the order of the chapters on screen

just drop me a line if you want to publicize your own writing
If I make a link to your web page it will help your google ratings
BTW blogger beta is now best

see you guys at Starbucks New Street. Birmingham UK from 12:00 pm and some of us will hang in to nearly 5:00 pm

see the thread - Forums - England :: Birmingham - Third write-in (Sunday, 19/11/06 from noon onwards at Starbucks on New Street)


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