Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Second Write-In

from my email:-

Hello everyone,

Here are the details for our second write-in:

Date: Sunday, 12/11/06
Time: 12pm onwards
Location: Starbucks on New Street Birmingham

We'll chat and buy drinks for 15 minutes, then write for 45, and then repeat that routine until everyone has had enough!

If you come, do plan on buying a drink or two, so that Starbucks see us as good customers. I found last weekend that a fruit salad did a lot to keep me going when I started to wane...

If you're not sure about whether to come or not, don't worry - just drop by if you feel like it - you don't have to RSVP ahead of time.

Big news: I'm feeling a bit guilty about holding onto the No Plot? No Problem! Novel-Writing Kit that HQ sent me, so I'm going to put it up as a prize this time.

Of the people who are there from the beginning of the first writing session (i.e. from 12.15), the last to stop writing (breaks aside) gets to take the writing-kit home with them! It contains many great writing kitnesses, such as a badge, an affidavit, some encouragement cards, stickers and a calendar.

I'll also bring along more of the NaNoWriMo tattoos, and a couple more copies of our wonderful local handout, in case anyone hasn't had it forced upon them yet...

Keep up the good novelling!

Stephen (& Annika)

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