Tuesday, October 31, 2006

my final test run for wordage

My old dnkcen web site has been sadly neglected because deep linking was forbidden because of the inadequacy of the image server.

Since then I met the Rigsarkiv consultant ,who is the expert of copyright on their team, and he assured me that i may duplicate images on official danish websites because there is no UK style Crown Copyright in Denmark. Now I need to rethink and redesign all of it.
Google searches of dnkcen show a low percentage of sample indexing so getting ready for the new google co-op search engine

The file structure of the site needs to be redesigned no deep paths even if they look good.
For example:-
will be renamed and moved to a higher level

As an exercise in producing 2000 words before breakfast I decided to take this subject "some new ideas in Danish family history" and review what resources available to researchers.
This essay will become the basis of much of the portal to the Rootsweb DNKCEN site

I will continue with a summary listing of resources for danish genealogy, family and local history before writing about each one in detail.

Firstly in danish on line :-

a new make your family tree on line application and database has been linked to Ældre Sagen : Netværket
dis-danmark dominates discussion and notice boards causing the usenet group to become less and less busy
scanning and transcription of resources on that website includes important lists of place names and the pre 1974 counties.

archives on line:-
the great image server project with all its faults is nearing completion.
the census transcription project grows year by year
the archives own websites including FAQ, leaflets and DAISY the digital catalogue
the Royal Library catalogue with digitized photographs, illustrations and books
encyclopedias, dictionaries
googling in danish

place names and maps

secondly in danish off line:-
images and transcriptions are for sale on fiche and on CD
books on danish genealogy also treating the Copenhagen region with southern Sweden and Malmø as a whole
downloads of images in bulk and the "hackers"

and by personal visit to Denmark
archives and second hand bookshops
or hiring researchers and arranging genealogical tourism.

third in english on line:-
these sites are aimed at the people world wide of danish descent who no longer speak english
>The Danish Connection
mailing lists and noticeboards.
>leading researchers land mentors ike Horlacher
>finding living relatives
understanding danish for genealogy
danish english and english - daniish

and lastly in english off line:-
family history library in Salt Lake City
or cooperating with researchers and SKS r>

and in the future what is needed:-
directories on line - Krak and the predecessors

off line

>conscription rolls


in english
mailing list
notice boards

lists of lists

Here is the latest Update your MyFamily.com family site:

A Questions " are you also on the Denmark email list? More people will see your messages if you post them there".

B "I think that was where I was a year ago and kept getting too many emails about everyone so I stopped. "

A Seven people saw this message the first day;
fifty people have seen it since it was posted five months ago.

On the Denmark mailing list, 370-some people would see it the first day.
This website [the Danish Connection] is intended to be a supplement to, not a substitute for, the RootsWeb mailing list.

shipping resources

other peoples research

AFTER breakfast on the balcony
the weather is so good (sunny but windy)
I am going for a walk before the rains begin again - with snow on high ground up north of in Scotland

629 words so far in two sessions
going for a walk
now 640 !


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