Tuesday, October 31, 2006

fourteen hours to go

done all my shopping I think and made a couple of blog posts
tidied my email

I think I will go for a walk and see some birds
gotta knock out 2000 words before breakfast tho'
and I am already a bit hungry
I got up at dawn after the usual restless night
turned on the mac and had a bath then got online

National Novel Writing Month - News and Radio: "We're almost ready for the noveling to begin, and the site is bulging with authors! If you're getting white 'Xoops internal error' screens from time to time, we apologize. Just hit refresh on your browser, and the page will come up eventually. We're pushing our servers pretty hard, and Russ is doing what he can to ease the flow through some of our clogged database arteries. The real hit will come the first


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