Tuesday, November 14, 2006

details for our third BIRMINGHAM write-in:

National Novel Writing Month - Forums - England :: Birmingham

from my email:-

Firstly, well done to everyone from Birmingham & the West Midlands - we passed the million word mark today, and that's a brilliant achievement by all of you.

Secondly, well done to everyone who came to last week's write-in - between the fifteen of us writing for about three hours each, if we'd all been working on the same novel, I think we might well have finished it that afternoon!

For this weekend's write-in, our unofficial deputy ML, John (aka john-g), is going to take the lead. Over to John...


Here are the details for our third write-in:

Date: Sunday, 19/11/06 date corrected
Time: 12 pm onwards
Location: Starbucks on New Street

I had thought about a different venue, but the arrangements were getting a bit complicated, so maybe we can try that one another time. Several wrimos have already said how much they liked the previous write-ins at Starbucks, so I won't try and fix something that's not broken.

Once again we will be following the tried and tested routine of 45 minutes of writing followed by fifteen minutes chatting and comparing notes. Stay for as many sessions as you like, and don't worry if you arrive late - plenty of people have been arriving mid-session and just getting stuck into their writing until the break, when they can get to know their fellow novelists.

As Rolnikov and Satu have said before, we are customers of Starbucks at these events, so you will need to buy a drink or two, caffeinated or otherwise. If you have a camera with you, it is always polite to ask people's permission before you take their picture, particularly if you are planning on putting the photos online.

I can't promise any laptops or fancy writing kits, but I may be persuaded to offer miniature mince pies to the most dedicated wrimos (mince pies stimulate the creative glands, as any scientist will tell you).

See you there!


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