Monday, November 06, 2006

slow progress

I really enjoyed the studious atmosphere of the write-in in Starbucks
and worked on deconstructing a medical romance

I am working backwards by hand
chapter 10 first
seeing how it all ends
got to chapter 7

Reading a book as a writer is quite different to reading for pleasure or study

I need to teach myself more about the craft of writing in the larger formats and get as persistant abpout writing as I was about learning the bassoon then I did 2 to 5 hours daily practice often as well as engagements and lessosn.

Sunday was Guy Fawkes night with not a bonfire to be seen on my track, but lots of air bursting fireworks giving a rise in pollution in these days of a high pressure weather system.

Lord of the Rings 1 on TV encouraged my to tidy up my Sony surround system and today I heard with a m ost sensiuos surroubd sound uality some late Dvorak Tone Poems and Huw Watkins the pianist and composer (which was really a bit spooky hearing my own name announced on the radio again after so many years)

I also made some great photo blogs on sunday which altogether turned into a great day out
I went to bed at about 2.00 am after doing that lot and left a lot unsaid about the pictures.


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