Thursday, October 26, 2006

introduction 5 clearing the decks

Today I am unsubscribing from most of my usual lists about genealogy and will remain off them until 2007.

For about 10 years I have been an enthusiastic user of message boards. In fact my first experience of using a modem was to dial up and browse REX the catalogue database of the Royal Library in Copenhagen.
After that I joined a FirstClass board on dial up too and became an administrator of an english language conference "The English Pub" in order to get unlimited access. A selection of usenet groups were mirrored as well as danish english was included.

Look back in DejaNews, which was off line for a year until rescued by .com
one of my first postings is here:-

Dream Voices ... for up to one hour without distraction once or twice a week so can one tap creativity in writing and painting (for example)
Hugh W
alt.dreams - Jun 9 1996, 10:32 pm by Hugh Watkins

the earlier email is not me

my debut was:

music I hear wonderful music a choir if I dream under a fever when I dream of conducting
an orchestra the playing is much better in tune than any pro symphony
alt.dreams - Feb 9 1996, 10:30 am by Hugh Watkins

and later

About Vikings
Thurs, Dec 5 1996 12:00 am
Email: (Hugh Watkins)

Bear(skin) Shirts ?? (scottish english! SARK)

eaters of hallucagenic (lsd like) mushrooms

a sort of lodge of super warriors (like loud Ninja !) ??

the Earl's - King's - Chieftain's - best personal body guards ?

death wish?!


who can ever know?

Hugh W


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