Thursday, October 26, 2006

introduction 4 using google writely

When I wrote about inspiration and memories yesterday I copy pasted my stuff into MS Word to get a word count, but after joining the google discussion groups I saw that you should be able to blog post from Writely now
which i have not used for six months.

There is a test function that said this will work with this new blogger beta blog too.

After watching "The Hulk" on TV at last - I had passed on the cinema release when I was in Copenhagen - I slept for about an hour but got restless - I felt too tired to blog, and after I had done some email and I joined in with the AOL genealogy chat room SPECIAL INTERESTS - GENEALOGY.

I tried to upload a couple of images to ythe new photo blog on the beta, but got a RESET - a known bug

These paragraphs are not going to be included in my NaNoWriMo 50,000 word count of course, because that starts on the 1st. November 2006 but are more in the way of a warm up and in this case learning to use the newest technology and getting used to hammering this stuff out.

I spent most of yesterday, Wednesday, fixing the side bars and links on one of the new and all my old blogs and with so much mouse work my right hand fingers began to tingle.

I am already meditating on some of my memories, for example the last time i saw my father was in 1942 on the platform at Newport station by the river Usk in Monmouthshire, Wales. Then this was still the Great Western Railway with green painted locomotives and chocolate and cream carriages. What is going to be more difficult id to enter deeply into my memories and find the feelings I felt at the time . . I was six and had no concept of death yet.

It will be a good theme for the 11 November - Armistice day which has many memories of solemn services in the school chapel at Clifton College, Bristol and of army church parades as a bandsman and later a brass band conductor with the Shirley band, Solihull.

This train of thought is leading me to crank up Parallels in order to run Family tree maker 16 on WinXP sp2 on this dual core Intel mac.

Only and old person like me talks of cranking some thing up because i think of hand cranking a car in order to start it up when the battery was flat or the starter motor broken..
I was always afraid of getting a kick back and breaking my wrist so you had to hold the handle with both hands and open hooked fingers with our thumb beside your index finger not gripping and encircling the crank . .not much thought for "health and safety" in those days.

I am looking back a Family Tree Maker 16 and after reading the help files i can make it display a calender of anniversaries and birthdays for November 2006

3rd. November Hans Jørgen Kristoffersen would have been 87 - I met him and can tell much about him and i remember his funeral.

5 November is Guy fFawkesday
7 November is my lost daughter Claire's birthday
10 Bolette and Jørgen Strømsholt so I can tell of my research
14 November youngest will be 18 years old

21 November uncle Norman Lapham - I never met him but I have some of his letters

which leaves twenty three more themes to find from my memories, or from a time line for the 30 day month

and 1300 more words for this blog

it is now 5:00 am and which is just the time of day I used to think about driving my taxi home at the end of my night's work in Copenhagen.
For a taxi driver each week day has a certain style because the patterns of work and pleasure and travel vary - so that could be seven more days of taxi reminiscences.

November 9/10 1938 - Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass

1962 November 21 U.S. ends Cuban blockade, satisfied that all bases are removed ...
22 November 1953 Kennedy was assassinated and we all remember what we were doing and where we were when we heard that has a good time line data base and I am going to go to bed after eating breakfast of porridge oats skimmed milk and cotage cxxheese with acarrot and my various pilla.

but the publish to blog failed and this is copy-pasted

There are a number of possible keyboard shortcuts that you can use when editing your Google Docs & Spreadsheets documents. Here's a list of some of the most popular options:

From the Edit page:
Ctrl+S to Save
Ctrl+K to Insert Link
Ctrl+M to Insert Comment
Ctrl+B to Bold
Ctrl+I to Italicize
Ctrl+Z to Undo
Ctrl+Y to Redo
Ctrl+A to Select All
Ctrl+C to Copy
Ctrl+V to Paste
Ctrl+X to Cut
Ctrl+Home to go to the top of the document
Ctrl+End to go to the end of the document

How do I get a word count for my documents?

To count the number of words in your
documents, click on the “File” tab and choose "Count words." ...(in a drop down menu)


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