Friday, October 27, 2006

introduction 6 looking for the big number

"I am busy typing this right now" was a place holder

pasted in at 19:19 gmt :-

Today friday I am making a late start, 17:15 and going for the 2000 words quick scribble. I am really going to try and stop myself editing this until i make the 2000 words. Says he correcting the typos preceding !

Now I am multitasking writing this whilst uploading images for mu SNAPS ONE blog., after the erratic uploads on beta blogger I am going to comntinue on the old photo blogs but will back link from the new beta blogger blog.
Yesterday evening an very very dear old firiend in her cups and said she wanted to come here today and stay and for a while I was on cloud nine and because she would be a great muse.

After sleeping for a bit I woke up at about 1 or 2:00 am feeling restless. and got on line wih AOL in USA and visted a chat room scheduled for talks on New York Genealogy.
Only one other person logged in so it was a bt of a flop.

Just tried uploading 5 images and failed "CONNECTION RESET" again.
This time I am trying with three images. I want to make one of my twenty five image blogs showing where i walked today in Birmingham early this afternoon..
"CONNECTION RESET" again. So another attempt with just two images (220 words in 15 minutes so I need to sit here for about 3 hours unless I can speed up) "CONNECTION RESET" again and it looks as if I will have to upload these images one at a time. "CONNECTION RESET" again.

published Hurst Street and the markets 1
which is one twenty fifth of the blog I had planned.

So I am going to continue multi-tasking with some excellent jazz on BBC 3 on the radio in the next room. I am trying a new blog post with a two image upload now and going for the word count here.
I have known my "muse" for about 45 years and I will be writing some of our stories in my blog "novel" which I will start on the 1st. November on this URL

Image upload to failed "CONNECTION RESET" again so it will be twenty five mini-blog psots to tel the sgtory of my day in pictures.
17:47 failed "CONNECTION RESET" again . -. . the worst service that I have ever known from the google people.
The answer is to put my images on another server of course or shrink them before upload , but that would lose the point of spontainiaty in daily blogging and trying to tell a story in pictures 18:34 425 words

Normally at this time I am watching TV for one hour the local news from the Midlands where I am living just now in the United Kingdom. They ae of 30 minutes each, first ITV anfd then BBC but I am sacrifing everything for my 2000 words a day target.

i have just posted a couple of rants on the bloger help groups about current issues

photo blogging is horrible
... I see today i have a 25 image blog planned froom this afternoon and could not upload
more than one image on you ...
Blogger Help Group>Something Is Broken - Oct 28, 1:15 am by hughw36 - 1 message - 1 author

document spellcheck no spell-check icon in latest Firefox on Mac OS nothing in the help files either
blogger spell check works OK with abc icon limited place names none in WALES ...
Google Docs & Spreadsheets Help Group>This isn't working right (Something is Broken) - Oct 28, 12:58 am by hughw36

revising this on line and the spell-check is down too.

yes it was about this document I can not see the spell check function in Google Docs & Spreadsheets
introduction 6 looking for the big number is where this is ending up by copy paste

I had planned to photo blog my day today which included looking in Hurst Street, Birmingham for the O'Neill's pub, which is where our local NaNoWriMo group is meeting on sunday 29 October 2006.
It is my third attempt at participating in the National Novel Writers Month but the first time I will meet colleagues, and the local organisers choice of venue in a mass produced Mitchells and Butlers pseudo irish chain pub is absolutely not my style.
I really enjoyed my little walk from Digbeth coach station (soon to be demolished) and shopping for fruit and vegetables at the open air market and took twenty five passable snaps on the way.

I started eating the red grapes on the 97A bus and when I got back to Merton House, I brewed some strong coffee (LIDL's own brand from Germany) and put together a mixed salad of lettuce, a tomato, one raw onion, a diced carrot all dressed with olive oil and italian wine vinegar, and a can of sardines in tomato enhanced with chile flavoured soya-sauce.
Whilst I ate teh food at 4:15 pm I enjoyed watching DEAL OR NO DEAL as much for the skills of Noel Edmunds, whom I had first seen on BBC World Service in Denmark in the days of Mr Blobby.
(820 words and 180 more and I will turn on my rice and vegetable steamer and the pressure cooker to make and cook my evening meal, which takes 50 minutes to be finished).

Meanwhile I am listening to opera excerpts and Stavinsky - "a great escaper changing countries and families often" - finally the Prelude and Fugue in A minor by Johan Sebastian Bach and transcribed from organ to piano by franz Lizt. i did not catch the name of the pianist and I am not going to break this flow of words and typing by googling or reaching for my RADIO TIMES.
This page in this format is averaging thirty three words a line, but for easier reading ten to twelve is best like any standard newspaper column.
if i reduce the width of the window the text flows as if in a containwer settles at about twenty tqwo words to each line. I get really telpted by teh tab marked File and the drop down menu with Count Words on the tenth line after various options for saving the file in the forma tofyoutr choice.

Number of Words: 1008
Number of Letters (no spaces): 4307
Number of Letters (with spaces): 5306


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