Wednesday, October 25, 2006

introduction 3 inspiration

Well one thing is certain, I am not going to follow a time line at this stage.
In January 2007 I will be 71 years old which means I potentially could write 70 chapters at least, but few on earth would ever read so much unless I achieved a proustian standard of excellence.

Eleven chapters is a typical romance from Mills and Boon spread over about 180 pages of 300 words in all circa 54 000 words which would make a seven volume series.

Well I have been married and divorced three times and had at least ten other serious relationships . . .

The one of my all time favourite TV series is HEIMAT shot in black and white by Edgar Reitz except for moments of intense emotion when he uses colour for a few seconds just as all of us remember the intense emotionally loaded turning points of our lives.


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